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Vig & Juice Ep.4: The Travel Act

By Vela Wood

Vig & Juice is a podcast discussing the history and legality of gambling and sports betting in the US. Vig & Juice is hosted by three attorneys who practice Fantasy Sports & Gaming Law at Vela Wood and are principal agents at VW Agency, a talent & strategy consulting agency focused on fantasy sports and sports betting.

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In this episode, we discuss the Travel Act of 1961, including Robert Kennedy taking down the mob, gambling’s association with other nefarious activities, and the role of federalizing state laws.

Time Stamps

  • 1:15 – Name That Kennedy Trivia
  • 3:25 – Robert Kennedy Taking Down the Mob
  • 4:50 – What is the Travel Act?
  • 6:20 – The Mob’s Gambling Tactics
  • 7:45 – Gambling & Other Nefarious Activities
  • 12:00 – Breaking Down the Travel Act
  • 13:30 – Federalizing State Laws
  • 16:25 – Federal Blanket v. Federal Floor

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