Vela Wood is experienced working with colleges and universities, coaches, and athletes on a variety of regulatory issues impacting intercollegiate athletics, including NCAA infractions and compliance matters and Title IX. We are also well-positioned to assist athletes exercise and manage their name, image, and likeness rights once legislation is passed.

NCAA Infractions and Compliance

Our attorneys have worked with NCAA members in all three Divisions along with numerous head coaches. Our work ranges from conducting infractions investigations, representing institutions in front of the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions, and handling summary disposition negotiations to helping institutions and coaches proactively to prevent lack of institutional control and head coach monitoring violations.

Title IX

The individual experiences of our team as college athletes, coaches, administrators, and university counsel allows us to bring a unique combination of knowledge, skill, and experience when assessing Title IX compliance and gender equity culture on campus. We have experience conducting comprehensive audits at NCAA Division I, II and III institutions relating to participation, scholarships, and treatment, guiding institutions through gender equity improvement planning, and providing legal guidance on issues such as adding or eliminating sports, roster management, tiering, NIL rights, and eSports.  To get a jump start on what we provide, check out our comprehensive Title IX practice guide.

Athlete Rights

We have assisted numerous athletes restore their eligibility through legislative relief waivers and the reinstatement process. We have also successfully represented student-athletes in matters against their own institutions. Our work on behalf of student-athletes includes the following types of cases.

  • Scholarship Cancellation or Reductions
  • Transfer Cases
  • Legislative Relief Waivers
  • Initial Eligibility Waivers
  • Eligibility Extensions
  • Progress-Towards-Degree Waivers
  • Student-Athlete Reinstatement
  • Drug Test Appeals
  • Hazing, Harassment and Improper Coach Conduct

Our corporate, venture and sports business experience also makes Vela Wood well-positioned to assist athletes in exercising and managing their name, image, and likeness rights and maximizing their athletically-related value.

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