Fantasy Sports and Gaming Law

Fantasy Sports and Gaming Law

At VW, we have substantial knowledge about several different areas of gaming law and significant experience providing Reasoned Legal Opinions on Federal and State law in the fantasy sports industry.

Fantasy Football

To be clear, fantasy football is not “gambling”, it’s a legal game of skill. Check out our two-part series explaining how this works, and then give us a call to chat about it further.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Like season-long leagues, DFS contests are games of skill. This exciting industry is rapidly expanding beyond traditional fantasy sports like football and baseball to motor sports and e-gaming.

Amusement Machines

Though almost every state hinges their amusement machine laws on the same “element of chance”, the actual laws can vary wildly from state to state. If you are an amusement machine operator, manufacturer, or servicer, we can help.


Though the laws in Texas are pretty clear about gambling – unless it’s on the ponies, you can’t do it. But the wind is changing and when gambling does come to Texas, we’ll be ready.


Fantasy Sports Legislation Tracker

Need to know what’s happening across the country in Fantasy Sports Legislation? Fantasy sports law can change as suddenly as the luck of your fantasy team. But the law is more complex and hard to keep track of, and carries much more serious consequences (depending on your league). Let us monitor legislation for you, state by state, with our Fantasy Sports Contest Legislation Tracker.

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