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Silicon Valley Review S6, Ep4: Cold Ice Cream & Hot Kisses

In this episode, we review S6, Ep4: “Maximizing Alphaness” and discuss Richard’s relationship with Ethan, Jared meeting his birth parents, and Gavin’s book reading. Read More

Silicon Valley Review S6, Ep3: Board v. Shareholder Consent

In this episode, we review S6, Ep3: “Hooli Smokes” and discuss fiduciary duties of board members, notification requirements for emergency board meetings, and the difference between board and shareholder consent.  Read More

Silicon Valley Review S6, Ep2: Maximo’s Valuation & Investment Offer

In this episode, we review S6, Ep2: “Blood Money” and discuss earnouts, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), California’s female director requirement, and Maximo’s valuation and investment offer.  Read More

Silicon Valley Review S6, Ep1: Data Privacy

In this episode, we review S6, Ep1: “Artificial Lack of Intelligence” and discuss data privacy. Read More

Vig & Juice Ep.5: PASPA

In this episode, we discuss PASPA, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, including its carveouts and nationalization issues as well sports leagues’ role as enforcers of PASPA. Read More

Vig & Juice Ep.4: The Travel Act

In this episode, we discuss the Travel Act of 1961, including Robert Kennedy taking down the mob, gambling’s association with other nefarious activities, and the role of federalizing state laws.  Read More

Three Things with Rustam Rafikov

In this episode, Kevin and Rad interview Rustam Rafikov, a founding partner of Rafikov, Koveshnikova and Partners, a corporate law firm for startups and medium-sized businesses based in Moscow, Russia. They discuss the lack of contractual freedom in Russia, Russia’s popular startup industries, and what Rustam has learned from the Austin and Dallas startup ecosystems. Read More

Vig & Juice Ep.3: The Wire Act

In this episode, we cover arguably the most monumental piece of legislation regarding sports betting – the Wire Act of 1961 – which prohibited using wire communication for betting and wagering across state lines. We discuss what the Wire Act means for online gambling and whether the act applies only to sports betting or to gambling in general. Read More

Vig & Juice Ep.2: First U.S. Sports Betting

In this episode, we discuss the first sports betting in the U.S. up to the Wire Act of 1961, including horse racing, the spectator sport known as pedestrianism, and using state lotteries to fund the Revolutionary War. Read More

Preparing for Funding

Preparing For Funding is a series of Office Hours episodes about getting your company’s legal house in order before taking on funding.

Office Hours

Office Hours is our podcast covering general issues related to small businesses and startups.

Silicon Valley Review

In Silicon Valley Review, we review each episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley and discuss how it applies to real startups.

Vig & Juice

Vig & Juice is a podcast discussing the history and legality of gambling and sports betting in the U.S.

Three Things
In Three Things, we ask leaders in the startup and small business community three questions related to their experience with entrepreneurship.

Look for our new Blockchain Podcast coming soon! In the meantime, check out our blogs on blockchain.

Venture Deals Review

Venture Deals Review is a series of Office Hours episodes discussing the seminal book in the venture world, Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist.