Total Addressable Market (TAM)

The Total Addressable Market measures the total amount of people or money spent in the market that encompasses a product.

Trough of Sorrow

The Trough of Sorrow is a period in the life of a startup in which the excitement of founding a startup has worn off, but before the business really hits its stride. Many startup founders experience this struggle, especially coming […]


A Takeover occurs when an acquiring company “takes over” the operations, holdings, and debt of a target company. Takeovers can be hostile, such as when the acquiring company purchases a substantial stake in the target company as soon as the […]

Tender Offer

A Tender Offer is an offer by an issuer or a third party to purchase a significant block of existing shares of a publicly or privately traded company.

Term Sheet

A Term Sheet is a document that details the terms and conditions of the financing for an investment opportunity between an investor and a startup. It is usually non-binding. Note that in early stages of financing – Friends & Family […]

Texas Business Organizations Code (TBOC)

The Texas Business Organizations Code (TBOC) codifies the statutes that govern for-profit and non-profit entities in Texas.

Total Contract Value (TCV)

Total Contract Value (TCV) is simply the total value of the contract, including value from any one-time charges, services fees, and recurring charges.


Tranche is financing by investors where money is typically invested over two or three milestones based on the progress of the company.

Tag Along Rights

Tag Along Rights are contractual obligations protecting minority shareholders and are most common in venture capital deals. An illustration of how tag along rights work is when a majority shareholder sells his or her portion of the company and minority […]

Trade Secret

A Trade Secret is any confidential business information which provides a competitive advantage. Trade secrets are often protected by contract law but are also protected by federal and state statutes. Examples of trade secrets include sales methods, distribution methods, advertising […]