No-Shop Clause

A No-Shop Clause is a provision in an agreement, usually a letter of intent or term sheet, whereby the parties agree not to pursue an investment or deal with any third parties for a set period of time.


Newco is a name given to a hypothetical company for ease of description before the company actually has a name. Well, other than the few companies actually named Newco. Yes. They exist. We checked.

Next Level

Next Level is the startup community’s highest acclaim or stamp of approval for new products or developments.


A Ninja is a smart and talented person with a specific set of skills.

No-Action Letter

A No-Action Letter is a letter from the SEC that states the startup’s anticipated action most likely will not result in enforcement action by the SEC. A startup who does not know if its service or product will break federal […]

Non-Compete Agreement

A Non-Compete is an agreement signed by employees and management prohibiting the individual from working for or forming a competing company. Non-competes include a specified geographic region and last for a specified time period after termination.