Harvest Period

Harvest Period is the time period in a venture fund’s life where the fund is focusing on “harvesting” its portfolio companies, or helping them grow. It usually comes after the fund is done making investments.

Home Run

A Home Run is when a business has an exit that returns 20 or more times what its investors initially put in.

Hard Launch

A Hard Launch is when a business debuts its product with a lot of fanfare and publicity, sometimes at a big event or conference. Also known as a Big Bang Launch.

Holding Company

A Holding Company is an entity created for the purpose of owning entities and assets.

Holding Period

A Holding Period is the amount of time that a person or entity owns an asset or security.

Hostile Takeover

A Hostile Takeover is the takeover of a company without the approval of the board of directors and is usually accomplished by either the purchase of a controlling interest in the company and/or the voting in of a new board […]

Hurdle Price

The Hurdle Price is the price associated with an incentive unit in an LLC. Incentive unit holders are entitled to distributions only when each non-incentive unit holding member of the company receives distributions per unit in an amount equal to […]


A Haircut is either the difference between the purchase price and sale price of an asset, or the market value and collateral value of an asset.

Hedge Fund

A Hedge Fund is an investment vehicle that pools accredited and institutional investors’ money to invest in aggressive and complex positions that will provide an active return to the investors.

Hockey Stick Chart

A Hockey Stick Chart is a line chart in which a sharp increase or decrease occurs over a period of time. Hockey Stick refers to the shape of a graph showing a dramatic increase or decrease in revenue.