Form D

Form D is an SEC filing form used to file a notice of an exempt offering with the SEC. The exemption is found under Regulation D of the SEC. Form Ds are serious stuff; make sure you’re discussing with your […]

Full-Stack Venture Capital Firms

Full-Stack Venture Capital Firms are venture capital firms that employ many people beyond deal professionals, such as marketing, operations, PR, engineering, and financial executives, to attempt to help companies more than traditional VC firms.


Frothy is used to describe a market that has become overvalued thanks to skyrocketing demand. A Frothy market is characterized by rampant investor speculation on future values.

Freeze Out

A Freeze Out occurs when a majority of shareholders prevents minority shareholders from receiving dividends or making decisions within the company, leaving minority shareholders with little choice but to sell their shares.

Friends and Family Round

A Friends and Family Round is the first round of funding for a company that consists of obtaining capital from founders’ friends and family.

Full Ratchet Anti-Dilution

Full Ratchet Anti-Dilution is a shareholder protection provision that prevents early shareholders who have the protection from being diluted by later down rounds. If the company has a down round, the price the original shareholder paid for its securities is […]

Fully-Diluted Basis

Fully-Diluted Basis is the total number of shares that would be outstanding if all securities that could convert into shares, such as convertible notes, options, warrants, and preferred shares, converted to common stock. Investors oftentimes want to know what their […]


A Fund is an investment entity formed to collect many investors’ investments and then invest for the investors. The fund can invest in companies and in amounts that the investors individually cannot, allowing for diversification and potentially greater returns.

Fund of Funds

A Fund of Funds is an investment portfolio composed of only other investment funds, rather than investments made into stocks or other companies.

Founders Stock

Founders Stock refers to equity granted to a founder when the company is formed. The equity typically has a par value that is next to nothing and a four year vesting schedule.