Buy-Sell Agreement

A Buy-Sell Agreement is an agreement between co-owners that governs the purchase of one party’s entire ownership share in a business. A buy-sell is typically used in a 50/50 ownership situation as a mechanism to avoid the dreaded deadlock.


The Bylaws of a corporation set forth the rules for governing corporate matters.


Bankruptcy is a judicial process undertaken when a company is unable to repay its debts. Bankruptcy proceedings are filed under different chapters of the bankruptcy code depending on the the various solutions and outcomes the company hopes to achieve. Some […]


B-Corporations are for-profit organizations that use their business to address social and environmental problems. They are not separate legal entities, nor do they have different tax treatment from the basic corporation. Rather, they must comply with extensive certification requirements put […]

Balance Sheet

A Balance Sheet is one of the four main financial statements that provides a summary of a company’s finances at a specific point in time. All balance sheets include a company’s assets, liabilities, and equity. Unlike other financial statements, the […]


A Benchmark is a milestone or a goal. Oftentimes, funding or compensation bonuses are tied to benchmarks.

Blind Pool

A Blind Pool is a fund where the investor’s funds are committed and delivered up front. Contrast this with a Capital Call fund structure.

Blanket Lien

Blanket Lien is a lien over all of a debtor’s assets, which means a creditor can seize any of a company’s assets if the debtor defaults.

Blue Sky Laws

Blue Sky Laws are securities restrictions enacted at the state level, established to protect a state’s investors. These regulations prohibit brokers and investment advisors from recommending, soliciting, or discussing any security with a client unless that security is compliant with […]

Blended Preferences

Blended Preferences are when a startup has multiple classes of preferred stock and each class has the same rights in the event of a liquidation. When classes or shareholders have equal rights, the equal rights are often called pari passu […]