Desk Independence

Desk Independence is our belief that excellent work can be done remotely and that travel develops more motivated, well-rounded employees. It’s not actually the work that keeps people chained to their desk; it’s this notion that the work can only be done at the desk. Here at Vela Wood we’re sharing this belief with our employees by offering them the ability to work remotely, from another country, for a month at a time.

VW Abroad
Why We’re Sending a First-Year Attorney to Portugal
Law Firm Innovation

We are honored to have been awarded Clio’s first ever Reisman for Law Firm Innovation. Learn why we are so passionate about what we call Desk Independence.

*Super Lawyers recognition featured in this video is a Thomson Reuters service.

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Professional Exchange Programs

Vela Wood has been fortunate enough to participate in the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Professional Fellow Program twice in recent years. 

YLAI seeks to empower entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean to launch and advance their entrepreneurial ideas in order to contribute to the social and economic development of their communities. YLAI selects 250 entrepreneurs (out of 2500 applicants) from Latin America and the Caribbean to participate in a four-week fellowship with a US company in their field of expertise. 

Vela Wood has hosted three fellows each for a month at a time – Arístides Rubio from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 2017, Fabio Cendão from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2018, and Carlos Aguirre from Ecuador in 2022. 

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Twice since the fall of 2016, Vela Wood has had the pleasure of working with American Councils on their Russian Business Leaders fellowship program (RBL), which is sponsored by the U.S. State Department.

RBL is a program for young Russians engaged in business leadership positions to gain exposure to work in the US private sector with the goal of creating partnerships between companies and young entrepreneurs in the United States and Russia.

Our Austin office was selected to host two startup attorneys from Russia through this program; Dmitry Makarov in 2016 and Rustam Rafikov in 2019. In each instance, Vela Wood hosted Dmitry and Rustam for a month, providing them with legal experience and education within the U.S. After each time hosting an RBL fellow, our partner Radney Wood was selected for the RBL outbound program where he was able to travel to Russia for two weeks (once in 2017 and once in 2019) to speak at different accelerators, incubators, universities, law schools, and the US Embassy about startups and small businesses.

Radney regularly keeps in touch with both Dmitry and Rustam and the American Council’s team. In 2021, he assisted American Councils with their virtual RBL program by putting on a virtual presentation for Russian-based attorneys and founders to discuss social benefit companies and raising capital.

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Dmitry Makarov, Russian Professional Exchange In Vela Wood Austin

In 2019, Vela Wood partnered with another American Councils program, Ukrainian Business Leaders: Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship (UBL PIE) which is sponsored by the U.S. State Department.

VW was matched with Dima Foremnyi, a Ukrainian attorney who runs an outstanding accelerator program in Ukraine for a virtual fellowship, which aims to empower entrepreneurs, innovators, and businesspersons from across Ukraine with the skills to develop innovative economic, policy, and business solutions. 

Pitch Americas is a Latin America focused pitch competition born out of the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) that Vela Wood co-founded with Arístides Rubio, the first attorney we hosted through YLAI in 2017. After the completion of each YLAI program, we have participated in a reverse exchange program where we travel to the home city of our fellow to meet startups, discuss entrepreneurship, and host a pitch competition.

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