Crowdfunding in Texas & Minnesota

This article explains more about recent crowdfunding regulations, including recent federal changes and state crowdfunding offerings in Texas and Minnesota.

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Equity Options for LLCs

Issuing equity in LLCs can be complicated and lead to additional compliance and reporting obligations, and great care should be taken when determining the right equity structure. This blog is meant to serve as a brief introduction to four common ways of issuing equity in an LLC to compensate key service providers or employees.

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SEC Amends 506(c) Accredited Investor Verification

One of the recent SEC amendments updated the accredited investor verification requirements under Rule 506(c), which is a common federal exemption utilized by startups to broadly solicit capital from accredited investors.

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SEC Amendments Positively Impact Capital Formation For Emerging Companies

On November 2, 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted to amend the existing regulations and those rules went into effect on March 15, 2021. The SEC amendments change the landscape for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital through exempt offerings.

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The Critical Role that Accelerators Play in Venture Financing

Seed capital provided by accelerators must be provided to startups with great care. Here are three ways accelerators can avoid causing long-lasting negative ramifications for startups.

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The Mechanics of Converting Convertible Notes

Convertible notes are a great tool for venture financing, however, the actual mechanics of converting convertible notes is not a simple task and requires great care.

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Advisor Exclusions

There are some specific exclusions from the SEC and Texas state rule for what constitutes an Investment Adviser.

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Buying What You Are Selling

Unless there is an exemption, an Investment Company needs to file with the SEC and make certain disclosures to investors.

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The Advice You Give

Generally, any time you are giving advice you need to register. Attorneys, accountants, psychologists, etc. There is no difference when you are giving advice on securities. 

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The Basics of Convertible Notes

The convertible note is a favorite investment vehicle for many founders and investors alike. This post outlines the key terms and explanations with regard to raising capital through or investing via a convertible note.