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Blockchain Breakfast Summer Series, Part 3: Lawyers, Regulators & The Private Sector
August 19, 2019  |  By Lacey Shrum

Last week, I sat down with one of my dear and first friends from law school, Cole Davis. Cole is a (recovering!) attorney focused on his new startup Switchchord, a blockchain-based music licensing and copyright management platform. Here are a few takeaways from our discussion. Read More

Blockchain Breakfast Summer Series, Part 2: Who Runs The Cash?
August 1, 2019  |  By Lacey Shrum

Last week, I sat down with one of my favorite people in crypto, Fred Constanesco. Fred is an attorney, entrepreneur, and bitcoin enthusiast. Fred and I talked all things money. Here is a recap. Read More

Privacy Policies: Why Having One Is Crucial For Your Company
July 24, 2019  |  By Jeff Villalobos

To maintain compliance with various state and federal laws, it is important that a company keeps records on how it collects, processes, uses, and shares personal information. Read More

Blockchain Breakfast Summer Series, Part 1: Weird Use Cases
July 12, 2019  |  By Vela Wood

This Tuesday, Vela Wood hosted the first of its three-part “Blockchain Breakfast” series. James Johnson joined us to “get weird with blockchain.” James is the co-founder and CMO of Oaken Innovations, a blockchain software company focused on automotive mobility applications. Read More

Buff Your IP: Tools for Gamers to Level Up Brand Protection
June 27, 2019  |  By Jeff Villalobos

Esports gamers’ talents are opening up portals to fame, and their brands are worth a lot more than they’re projecting. In this blog, we outline three overarching strategies for esports players’ to appropriately protect their brands.  Read More

Startup Ecosystems Are Bridging the World
June 27, 2019  |  By Kevin Vela

Having been fortunate enough to participate in pitch competitions in three countries – the U.S., Dominican Republic, and Brazil – I have learned that startups are a great equalizer. Read More

Vig & Juice Ep.4: The Travel Act
June 26, 2019  |  By Vela Wood

In this episode, we discuss the Travel Act of 1961, including Robert Kennedy taking down the mob, gambling’s association with other nefarious activities, and the role of federalizing state laws.  Read More

Zuck Bucks – Facebook’s Libra Currency
June 20, 2019  |  By Lacey Shrum

Facebook recently released details on its long awaited currency, “Libra.” The goal is to create an alternative financial system allowing people to send money as easily as sending a text. We have some questions, primarily around incentives and motivations. Read More

Three Things with Rustam Rafikov
June 6, 2019  |  By Vela Wood

In this episode, Kevin and Rad interview Rustam Rafikov, a founding partner of Rafikov, Koveshnikova and Partners, a corporate law firm for startups and medium-sized businesses based in Moscow, Russia. Read More

Vig & Juice Ep.3: The Wire Act
May 20, 2019  |  By Vela Wood

In this episode, we cover arguably the most monumental piece of legislation regarding sports betting – the Wire Act of 1961 – which prohibited using wire communication for betting and wagering across state lines. We discuss what the Wire Act means for online gambling and whether the act applies only to sports betting or to gambling in general. Read More

This is Howey. Do it.
April 30, 2019  |  By Lacey Shrum

Earlier this month, the SEC posted guidance and a No-Action letter to Turnkey Jets, giving more insight into the particular way the Howey test is applied to tokens. Read More

Vig & Juice Ep.2: First U.S. Sports Betting
April 3, 2019  |  By Vela Wood

In this episode, we discuss the first sports betting in the U.S. up to the Wire Act of 1961, including horse racing, the spectator sport known as pedestrianism, and using state lotteries to fund the Revolutionary War. Read More

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