General Business
Home is Wherever I’m with You: How COVID-19 Relief Affects Homeowners, Renters, and Residential Landlords

“How do you shelter in place without a roof over your head?” Millions of Americans impacted by layoffs, furlough, and the economic downturn caused by COVID-19 are asking themselves this question as rent and mortgage payments loom near. Thanks to […]

Oooh, Baby, Baby – A Beginner’s Guide to Maternity Leave

“Are you pregnant?” Add this to the list of questions that all but a precious few may reasonably ask. Since I’m a lawyer, I feel entitled…to ask in order to clear up some common misconceptions about workplace protection and paid leave […]

Corporate Governance
Succession Planning: A Critical Part Of Management & A Business’s Ongoing Success

“How much do you weigh?” There are some questions so personal and invasive social mores dictate that they should never be asked. Well, almost never asked. A colleague remarking about any extra poundage I was carrying as a result of […]