Lacey Shrum


Lacey is an associate at Vela Wood where she serves businesses that use blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Lacey focuses her practice on helping clients identify and mitigate particular risks arising out of this new technology – including blockchain strategy and use cases, capital raises and security issuances through alternative forms, code-as-a-legal-contract drafting, and ethics.

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”

– Teddy Roosevelt

Outside of Vela Wood, Lacey’s company Smart Kx is developing a smart contract solution using blockchain to solve the fee problem faced by her RIA clients, which involves taking part of a traditional contract and “sprinkling a bit of code” behind it to make it self-executing.

Being an attorney and entrepreneur focused on blockchain technology allows Lacey to serve clients in a unique blend of law and tech. Where the rules for this technology can be convoluted, discreet, or unapparent, Lacey is able to identify and understand issues from both a founder’s and the legal perspective. She is an active proponent for attorneys reading and writing code and understanding how a smart-legal-contract is written and will execute.

As a regular speaker on this subject, Lacey has presented at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, the Dallas Bar, the Texas Society of CPAs, and to many private legal, accounting, and financial advising groups about blockchain. Lacey hosts regular events aimed at introducing those not traditionally involved in the technology space to blockchain and its effect on their careers, businesses, and lives.

As Sloane and Theodore’s mom, her current favorite status is watching them grow and learn. She and her husband Josh are dedicated wanderers – enjoying traveling close or far from home to take in the sights and meet new people.

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