We want to have meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our clients… We hope our clients look back and say, ‘Vela Wood got us here.’

Our Philosophy

We’re lawyers, and we love our jobs (really). Being a lawyer means something to us. We believe we have a responsibility that is so much more than delivering documents or legal advice. We want to have meaningful, long-lasting relationships with clients. To help them build what they want to build. We hope our clients look back and say, “Vela Wood got us here.”

To do that, we must innovate. It can be a difficult task to innovate a profession, like law, that has existed for millennia. At Vela Wood, we are constantly trying to reinvent what it means to practice law. We are exploring every avenue to make this firm a better place. For our team, for our clients, and for you.

Law firms often publish lengthy, text-heavy annual reports. We’ve been doing ours in infographic form since 2012. Click through to see our firm grow in attorneys, support staff, and clients (as well as snacks consumed, dad jokes made, in-office proposals, and Ms. Pac-Man high scores).

Year in Review
Social Change

Vela Wood Forward

Vela Wood Forward (VW FWD) is an internal firm initiative dedicated to providing resources and opportunities for our employees to learn about and become more involved with social justice issues, and to support the communities in which our VW offices reside.

Click below to learn more about our mission and commitments, view our impact reports, and see our current events.

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VW Abroad

The interconnectedness of the world and our duty to that connection is one of Vela Wood’s core principals.

It guides us. No, it propels us.

Encouraging our employees to understand this connection is why we promote Desk Independence and inspire our employees to work from different areas of the world. It is this connection that has led us to collaborate with Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) and American Councils and to create the Pitch Americas program, as we seek to foster entrepreneurship the world over.

For in the end, we are not just here to practice law. We are here to build community. A community that stretches across oceans and mountains. A community that uses law and our interconnectedness to build a better, more caring, and more just world.

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