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A look inside the mind of the VW Operations Manager

By Salma Merani

Recently in one of our 4:13 meetings, Kevin pushed the VW team to read more, learn more, and write more. This isn’t something that’s uncommon for our firm, as we constantly are encouraged and encourage others to “be curious.”  What struck me in this specific meeting, though, was that he suggested anyone on the team, not just attorneys, to write for our VW blog. I used to blog many moons ago, but after a while I found my own posts silly and slightly embarrassing – a feeling I think most people who strive to grow and improve will understand.

Dilemma: I want to blog again, but what can I possibly blog about? What do I share that will provide value to the reader? What do I write that I won’t go back and want to delete after a few weeks because I don’t think it’s good enough?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am someone who thinks, sometimes overthinks, before I act. In my role as Operations Manager at VW this can be valuable as I give thoughtful consideration to all matters, whether it be about employees, the firm’s financial matters, or even if I want to wear matching socks on any given day. I could get into the background story of why I believe I’m like this and detail the pros and cons, but let’s move on…

Kevin is different from me in this regard. He is someone who thinks fast and just goes for it. Given how far he and the firm have come, I think it’s safe to say that his strategy is successful. Our clients are of similar mindsets. They have an idea and, with our help, turn that idea into a reality. I admire this quality. In all honesty, I’m somewhat envious of these people.

So here’s me jumping on the proverbial bandwagon and going for it. This is my first blog post for VW, and I’m hoping it’s not the last. However, if it does get posted and then “disappears” one day, I will neither confirm nor deny any allegations made against me.

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