Funding & Capital Raising
Liquidation Preferences & Convertible Notes

It’s no secret that entrepreneur-turned-VC, Mark Suster, generally isn’t a fan of convertible notes. Here at Vela Wood, we’re fairly pro convertible notes when used responsibly in certain situations. Despite Suster’s dislike of convertible notes, he still looks out for […]

General Business
Client Spotlight: Q&A with Matt Alexander of Edition Collective

  Matt Alexander, founder of Need and Foremost, has been all the rage lately as he was recently featured in D Magazine as an emerging “titan of industry.” Matt talks with VW during our Q&A session to offer some of […]

Funding & Capital Raising
Title IV Of The JOBS Act Has Been Passed

Well, it only took 3 years, but the SEC has finally published a fact sheet on the final rules of Title IV of the JOBS Act, known as Regulation A+. In laymen’s terms, this means that everyone will be able […]

Contemporaneous Crowdfunding

A client who recently launched an intrastate, equity-based*, crowdfunding campaign in Texas called me a few weeks ago with an interesting question: “Can we do an accredited investor, interstate, equity-based crowdfunding campaign at the same time?” After some research, I called […]

Corporate Governance
Succession Planning: A Critical Part Of Management & A Business’s Ongoing Success

“How much do you weigh?” There are some questions so personal and invasive social mores dictate that they should never be asked. Well, almost never asked. A colleague remarking about any extra poundage I was carrying as a result of […]