Entity Type
Why Your Startup Should (Likely) Be A C-Corp

DE C Corps are great for some startups, but not all startups.

Independent Contractor Agreements Don’t Mean Anything

On Valentine’s Day in either first or second grade, Teresa Holting handed me a little card with my name hastily written on the envelope. Inside the envelope, and on the front cover of the card, were a couple of anthropomorphic […]

Intellectual Property
What Is A Trademark?

Scott Rooker gives us a brief introduction into trademarks, and when you should use a ™ versus a ®.

Texas Series LLCs
The Series LLC Conundrum

Series LLCs have proven to be a fantastic tool for Texas real estate investors, and for other business owners and investors. Countless persons have taken advantage of the ability to pay only a single filing fee with the Texas Secretary […]

The Company Agreement Explained
The Company Agreement Explained: Types Of Decisions Made By Managers & Members

In our previous blog post, The Company Agreement Explained: Manager and Member Meetings, we discussed the meeting requirements for managers and members pursuant to the TBOC and provided additional provisions that should be considered when adopting or amending an LLC […]

The Company Agreement Explained
The Company Agreement Explained: Meetings Of Managers & Members

Two of our previous posts discussed the difference between a manager-managed LLC and a member-managed LLC and some of the different consent levels you can have in your LLC Company Agreement (super-majority v. simple majority). Now, you may be asking, […]

Real Estate
Other Deeds In Texas

Previously, we discussed the four major deeds in Texas: general warranty deeds, special warranty deeds, no warranty deeds, and quitclaims. While these are the most common deeds, there are other deeds in Texas that are used to convey ownership. Assumption Deed […]

The Company Agreement Explained
The Company Agreement Explained: What Are Fundamental Business Transactions & Why Are They Important?

Here at VW, we’re proud to form dozens, if not hundreds, of new Texas LLCs for aspiring startups and new small business owners each year. As part of our LLC formation package, we advise our clients on the best structure […]

Real Estate
Four Major Deeds In Texas

As discussed in my previous blog, deeds are extremely important in any Texas real estate transaction.

Real Estate
Deeds In Texas

A deed is by far one of the most important documents in any Texas real estate transaction. It is a seemingly short document, usually only one to two pages long, that is crucial to any real estate transaction regardless of […]