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Where Can A Startup Get Started?

September 2, 2014   |   By Kevin Vela

I frequently get asked by aspiring entrepreneurs where or how to get involved in the local startup scene. At first glance, the scene or events may seem difficult to find. But in actuality Dallas is blossoming as a startup city, and there are plenty of places to get involved. Here are a few ideas for you:

– Read www.launchdfw.com. It’s a DFW based website focusing on startup industry news, events, and ongoings.

– Subscribe to Dallas Startup Digest.

– Check out the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (http://thedec.co/), or its sister location, the Addison Treehouse. I believe that the DEC has become the center of the Dallas startup community, and there are plenty of ways to get involved there.

– Work from a co-working spot. Common Desk may be the coolest spot in town. The Grove in Downtown Dallas is getting busier every day. Weld over in the design district is packed. The Garage in Deep Ellum hosts an accelerator out of it. You can rent a desk or office by the day, week, or month. Lots of energy and ideas flowing through these places.

– Attend one of the following events: 1 Million Cups, Dallas New Tech, House of Genius.

– Follow @velakeller on twitter. We sponsor a lot of startup events and would love to see you there.

There is no doubt that Dallas is on the upswing as far as startups go. Education and investment are fueling more ideas, more funding, and more startups. But the best part is the community. I’ve never seen so many unrelated people (personally or professionally), working together towards an intangible, yet common goal. Get out there and see for yourself.

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Kevin Vela
Kevin Vela is the managing partner at Vela Wood. He focuses his practice in the areas of venture financing, mergers & acquisitions, corporate law, capital raises, and real estate investment activities. You can see Kevin's attorney profile HERE.