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VW FFL Recap: Week 3

September 29, 2016   |   By Jeff Villalobos

fflrecap3“I want you to be very happy. It’s very important to me.”

As GJ said Monday night in his Twitter debate: “Tonight is #MNF and the #debates – one is real and the other is just a game.” The Recap knows which one matters. In a massive shakeup, Monday Night Football produced several 20+ point players and changed the standings in VW FFL. For those of you who watched that other show on TV Monday night, let’s Recap the week 4 standings to the best quotes of the night.


David_Square_Uniform“You need tremendous stamina.” Gluten 4 Punishment is the last undefeated team in VW FFL. G4P swatted away the undefeated Zeke and Destroy and delivered the week’s biggest blowout by 24.54 points. It doesn’t get any easier from here for G4P. He plays #2 Zeke-a Virus and is a 14-point underdog.





Aaron_Square_LowRes_Uniform2“That’s called business, by the way.” The Zeke-a Virus has jumped from #7 to #2 in an infectious performance while delivering a league high point total of 147.40. If only he had better bench management skills, he could have finished with 172.20. He will need all the points he can get this week to take down undefeated G4P in the matchup of the week.




Kevin_Square_Uniform“I hope the fact-checkers are turning up the volume and really working hard.” Zeke and Destroy was hoping for a recount to save his undefeated status, but all the hanging chads in the world couldn’t save this blowout. ZaD had his best performance of the season but still couldn’t beat G4P in the matchup of undefeateds. ZaD takes on defending champ Jeff’s Team this week but comes in as a 6-point underdog.



Caroline_Square_Uniform“I certainly will support the outcome of this election.” NFeLons is playing slow and steady but isn’t in a championship level position, yet. She moved above .500 with a win over Superb Owl and is a favorite against Carr’s Team. Look out for this year’s dark horse.





Juan_Square_Uniform“That line’s getting a little bit old. I must say.” CatchMeIfYouCan got what he Juanted and scored another W even while giving his worst performance of the season. That may work against Uncle Rad when he had 3 inactive players, but CMIYC has to step it up against the dynamic duo Coach Taylor’s Wife (Wives?).





Jeff_Square_Uniform“You’re telling the enemy everything you want to do.” Maybe the Recap is giving away too many of Jeff’s Team’s secrets. After taking his second loss in as many seasons, he may look like a 3rd party candidate if he can’t score above 80 points. He is 6-point favorite on Zeke and Destroy.





Meaghan_Square_Uniform“The record shows otherwise.” Plays Like a Gurley is in a tough funk. She has scored more points than her opponents but still has a losing record. After a tough loss to Reg D-Fense!, she has a chance to rebound against a 1-2 Carr’s Team that has the league low point total of 215.50.












“I have a feeling by the end of this I’m going to be blamed for everything that’s ever happened.” Blame the campaign [team] manager of Coach Taylor’s Wife. The dynamic duo pulled off a high-scoring 123.56-point performance but could not keep up with the point leader Zeke-a Virus. Lara and Jenny have a chance to rebound in what looks to a nail-biter against 0.5-point underdog, CatchMeIfYouCan.


salmaheadshot3“No. You’re wrong.” Superb Owl either did not read the Recap last week, or thought the Recap was wrong to recommend subbing in active players for injured players. The 15-points she left on the bench would have given her the win over NFeLons last week. Lucky for Superb Owl, she gets to take on Uncle Rad in the pillow fight of the week. (P.S. Doug Martin is still injured.)




Lindsey_Square_Uniform“Whoo. Ok.” Reg D-Fense! got her first dubya of the season with a comeback win against Plays Like a Gurley. After being down 11.98 points Monday night, RDF scored 26.94 to topple Plays Like a Gurley. RDF comes in as a 15-point underdog in this week’s matchup against NFeLons (2-1).





Carr_Square_Uniform“That makes me smart.” Carr’s Team played committee running back Tevin Coleman against Jeff’s Team and it paid off Big League. The 26.9 points from Coleman closed the 21-point deficit coming into Monday night and gave Carr’s Team the win. Let’s see if he can keep it going against NFeLons in Week 4.





Rad_Square_Uniform“[Crickets].” Uncle Rad’s team pulled a Holt and stayed quiet this weekend. You can’t win games when you start injured players. Uncle Rad better moderate his team into the win column before this gets out of hand.





Week 4 is when we will start seeing separation in the standings and getting a clearer look at the polls. Whoever builds the best team wins. Waiver order is as follows [waiver order means you have first dibs from the available players]:

  • Zeka-a Virus
  • Plays Like a Gurley
  • Superb Owl
  • Coach Taylor’s Wife
  • Reg D-Fense!
  • Uncle Rad
  • CatchMeIfYouCan
  • NFeLons
  • Gluten 4 Punishment
  • Zeke and Destroy
  • Jeff’s Team
  • Carr’s Team

I’m sorry that is all the time we have. We’ll see you at the next debate.

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