VW Startup Lifecycle Infographic

Welcome to VW’s Startup Lifecycle Infographic! The purpose of this infographic is to help you identify where your startup is, or what should be happening at different stages. We’ll walk you through the five stages a startup goes through – … Read More

The Startup Visa – International Entrepreneur Rule

The International Entrepreneur Rule applies to foreign entrepreneurs looking to build their company in the U.S. and American startups looking to bring a key foreign cofounder stateside. Read More

Getting to “No.”

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from our clients about the capital raise process is that VCs are non-responsive or unwilling to make a firm investment decision. To help with this, I reached out to several VCs whom we see on a regular basis to ask for their input. Read More

Which insurance does my startup need?

At some point in time, the topic of insurance will come up. Every startup and small business will need insurance, and for a mature business, an insurance guy is one of the four pillars of your business. We’re by no … Read More

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