Texas Series LLCs

The Texas Series LLC is rapidly becoming a preferred vehicle for real estate investors, and series LLCs make a lot of sense for several classes of investors.  The beauty of series LLCs is that they allow the individual forming them to create several distinct entities and receive all of the benefits of multiple Limited Liability Companies, with only one filing.

The 81st legislature codified series LLCs in 2009 by adding Subchapter M, Sections 101.601 – 101.621 to the Texas Business Organizations Code.  In essence, a Texas Series LLC is a type of limited liability company that provides liability protection and tax advantages across a series of LLCs, each which is protected from the liabilities arising from the other LLCs within the same series.  This is analogous to a big corporation with several subsidiary entities underneath it, but with the ease and flexibility of a limited liability company.  Each LLC within the series can have its own name, organizational structure, and assets legally separate from the others.  All under one filing.

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