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CoHabitat’s Oktoberfest – Can we do this every Friday?

October 11, 2011   |   By Vela Wood

Two weeks ago we sponsored CoHabitat’s inaugural Oktoberfest, and I’d like to report that we’re ready to sponsor the next one.  Note, I’m writing this 10 days after the fact, so it’s not the beer and brats talking.

The patio was filled with lederhosen (yes, plural, and yes, I had to look that up), food, beer, and best of all – the Dallas startup community.  It was refreshing to see so many familiar faces and energizing to meet some new ones.

Besides having a cool logo that looks like a really fancy town home on Sims, CoHabitat is a co-working space for developers, creatives and entrepreneurs who are looking for some office space, inspiration, collaboration, or are just plain afraid of commitment.  Rent is incredibly reasonable and is always month-to-month.  But short term leases are just one of the many benefits that CoHabitat offers.  Interacting with other entrepreneurs and having access to seasoned ones are just what a lot of startups need.  CoHabitat bundles all of this nicely along with access to office resources like desks, printers, fax and WiFi.

There are a lot of forces working together to develop a true startup community in Dallas, and CoHabitat is one of the greater ones.  Thanks for hosting Oktoberfest, CoHabitat.  Look for VW at CoHabitat office hours soon.  Sooner if beer and brats are involved.

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