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Saying Goodbye to Portugal
March 31, 2017  |  By Nic O'Brien

Notably, this adventure has made me a better person. With manufactured societal restraints stripped away, I’ve been able to become friends with people I often wouldn’t and understand sides of them I never could have imagined. Read More

Week 3 in Portugal: Exploring the “City that Works”
March 23, 2017  |  By Nic O'Brien

As an industrial town, Porto is proud of its blue-collar tradition—indeed, residents refer to it as the “City that Works,” as opposed to the flashy, apparently not-working city of Lisbon. But, with the lush GlobeKick facilities at the LX Factory left behind in Lisbon, my work for the first time grew unexpectedly difficult. Read More

The Road Forward – Week 2 Working in Portugal
March 16, 2017  |  By Nic O'Brien

My great opportunity was not to just remotely work in Lisbon; the importance of GlobeKick is growth through travel, not travel to one city. Thus, I decided I needed to be more intentional about my trip. Exploring. Experiencing culture. Expanding and adventuring in every direction. I need to move beyond the Lisbon metropolitan area. Read More

Nic’s First Week Working in Lisbon, Portugal
March 9, 2017  |  By Nic O'Brien

Lisbon is beautiful. From the picturesque graffiti street murals to the 17th century mosaic tiled streets, a touch of modern is entwined with the city’s aging architecture. Including, the LX Factory. The LX Factory is the co-working space in Lisbon … Read More

Como Pode Ajudá-Lo Hoje? How May I Help You Today?
March 3, 2017  |  By Nic O'Brien

Understanding the many benefits of travel and work-life balance, Vela Wood decided to team up with GlobeKick to allow Vela Wood employees to participate in GlobeKick’s offerings. When Rad offered me the opportunity to attend a GlobeKick experience in Lisbon, Portugal, I couldn’t refuse. Read More

Why We’re Sending a First-Year Attorney to Portugal
March 3, 2017  |  By Kevin Vela

We feel strongly that employees can be productive remotely and that travel will actually motivate and develop them, and make them better employees. Rad and I are calling this Desk Independence™, and we believe it’s the next big thing. Read More

Strange Clouds: Does Medical Marijuana Affect Employers’ Drug Policies?
February 13, 2017  |  By Nic O'Brien

If you are an employer who wants to maintain a zero-tolerance policy, the Coats decision and the California legislation may have been just what the doctor ordered (pun intended). These precedents appear to indicate that the trend is to leave drug use and drug testing policies to employers, not the states. Read More

The Startup Visa – International Entrepreneur Rule
February 6, 2017  |  By Caroline R. Fabacher

The International Entrepreneur Rule applies to foreign entrepreneurs looking to build their company in the U.S. and American startups looking to bring a key foreign cofounder stateside. Read More

Texas Lawmakers Tackle the Issue of Fantasy Sports Contests with New Bill
February 2, 2017  |  By Caroline R. Fabacher

Texas is having quite the week for sports. And I’m not just talking about the upcoming Super Bowl in Houston on Sunday. Yesterday, on February 1, Texas Rep. Richard Peña Raymond introduced HB 1457, a regulatory bill that seeks to … Read More

Getting to “No.”
January 30, 2017  |  By Kevin Vela

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from our clients about the capital raise process is that VCs are non-responsive or unwilling to make a firm investment decision. To help with this, I reached out to several VCs whom we see on a regular basis to ask for their input. Read More

Do I really owe Delaware $75,000??? Explaining Delaware Franchise Tax Calculations.
January 20, 2017  |  By Kevin Vela

Every year around January or February we receive frantic calls and emails from a handful of clients who are utterly shocked by the franchise bill they just received from Delaware. “How can I owe $75,075 in franchise taxes??? We don’t have that kind of cash; do I have to raise more money just to pay this bill? Does this happen every year??”
Read More

Which insurance does my startup need?
January 18, 2017  |  By Kevin Vela

At some point in time, the topic of insurance will come up. Every startup and small business will need insurance, and for a mature business, an insurance guy is one of the four pillars of your business. We’re by no … Read More

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